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The Capital Area Marching Association (C.A.M.A.) is composed of groups and individuals with a common interest in promoting Baton Twirling, Colorguard, Percussion, Pom Pons and all related performing arts.


C.A.M.A.'s objective involves mastering of basic skills and expanding individual's abilities to achieve a higher level of performance. Fundamentals to that objective are: gaining knowledge, technique refinement for instructors, offering knowledge and guidance, along with creating new ideas and structure to improve a corps' organization.


C.A.M.A. sponsors 3 Judges' organizations that create rules and structure for competitive events while carrying out fair and impartial judging of those events. C.A.M.A. also sanctions quality competitions, including a Championship event.


C.A.M.A. insists upon good sportsmanship, which involves the expectation that each corps and individual associated with the Organization shall always conduct themselves in a manner of good sportsmanship by accepting, graciously, the outcome of competition while enjoying the friendship of competing corps and individuals.


C.A.M.A. offers two types of membership: Associate Members pay dues and attend meetings and receive parade schedules, meeting notices, and any other pertinent printed material. An Associate Member is entitled to one vote at meetings. Corresponding members pay dues and have all the aforementioned privileges however they do not have to attend meetings and do not receive a vote.

Any corps or individual interested in advancing C.A.M.A.'s objectives may be eligible for membership.


"C.A.M.A. is a great organization.  You'll make friends and memories.  Join C.A.M.A., It's worth it!"



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Last updated: 04-06-2018