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What is a Sport?


A sport is an activity that is made up of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.  Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capability of the competitors are what determine an outcome (winning/losing).


Baton twirling, Colorguard, and Drumline are all Sports encompassed in C.A.M.A.!


Each one of these sports is spending 15 to 20 hours a week marching up and down a 50 by 75 foot area performing your heart out. It's your free time to strive for perfection and hearing: "That's wrong! Pay attention! Try harder!" over and over. It is riding countless hours on buses and in cars, eating in more fast food restaurants than you care to remember. Sometimes you march with blisters on your feet, splints on your fingers, when you're sick or when every muscle in your body aches. It means being willing to try again even though you have just suffered a defeat, tears are streaming down your face and your heart is breaking.


Then another parade or competition comes around! Judges, instructors, other competitors, and more spectators than you can count are waiting for your performance. For those few minutes, every ounce of your strength and concentration are dedicated to making your family, friends, team, and town proud of your competitive unit. The demanding, endless hours of practice have been a prelude to this moment. There is the hope in your heart, "Please, let this one be ours!"


But baton twirling, colorguard, and drumline are much more than work and intense competition. It is closeness between people that cannot be described. It is doing your best and knowing that you have your very own group of "fans" who will always encourage and support you, Whether you win or lose.